About Alexson's Upholstering


           Alexson's Upholstering was established in 1969 by Peter Alexson, to service the Framingham and  Metro West area. In 2001 Daine Sleczkowski joined Alexsons and has been  instrumental in maintaining our high standards.


         The intent of our company is to create, and service customers, with honesty and to deliver what we promise. We  believe that all people are in  the image of the Creator and worthy of being treated with dignity and honesty. 


          We are convinced that workmanship is a progressive process and that methods must be continually tested in the pursuit of excellence. The conviction of a company defines the way it's customers are treated, therefore we will continue to endeavor to honor the Lord in serving our customers.


          The dividend in this is as decades pass we find that when customers relocate, they continue to request our services. As a result, we have expanded beyond our original boundaries. We now have active patrons and projects in New Hampshire, Conn., Vermont, Rhode Island, California and Maine. 



              Honor the Lord in all we do.

                                     Nothing more!

                                     Nothing less!

                                     Nothing else!